About the Author

Born and raised in Houston, Texas during the oil boom years of the sixties and seventies, Bill began working at age 12. Through the high school years he worked as a machinist, painter, roofer, hardware store clerk, carpenter, sheet metal worker, and mechanic at a motorcycle salvage yard. He met interesting people, including drug dealers, bikers, a world class physicist, a CIA field operative, a guy with a machete scar across his face, and an English teacher named Dell Gunter.

When he wasn’t working, Bill was playing ball, working on cars, building things in his father’s shop, writing in the journal that Dell Gunter insisted he keep, or reading Bradbury, Forsyth, Tolkien, Tolstoy, or Solzhenitsyn. Gunter nudged Bill to pursue his dream of writing, but his life took a different course when he accepted a scholarship to Texas A&M to study electrical engineering.

After graduating with degrees in Broadcast Management and Anthropology, Bill picked up a camera to make a living as a freelance photographer. One thing led to another and with his natural drive to write and entertain Bill began to sell DIY articles with a humorous twist to Shutterbug and Handguns Magazine.

Bill’s long and twisted path took him into the tech industry, and eventually back to his love of the written word where he insists that he will succeed or die trying. Bill has written five screenplays, six novels, and two novellas.