Hello and thanks for joining me on this journey

To the left is a very old picture of a happy kid that wanted to be a writer. A few years ago I found myself at a crossroad. The path I followed from there, the one that took me back to my childhood dream, has been difficult at times, but always rewarding. I have now completed three novels and have a fourth and fifth in the works. “Completed” may be stretching it. A novel is really never complete until it’s in print.

Like the stories I tell, writing is a journey. Every step of this journey I learn something new. At the moment, I’m learning how to build a mailing list so that I can let my readers know when I have something new. I love writing. Marketing is much harder for me, but I’m learning what I hope will help me share good stories with you.

Check back every once in a while, see where the journey takes me, and maybe grab on and come along for the ride.


I currently have four novels that are in various stages of polish or preparation for publication.

A high school senior, given the choice to fight or flee, chooses to fight when he discovers that the girl he has fallen for is being trafficked by a ruthless gangster.

Six old women, swindled of their life savings by a retirement home manager, set out to hunt down the man that robbed them and regain their money and dignity.

A middle aged accountant trips into a new career as a hit woman when the word gets out that she has eliminated a troublesome IRS agent for a client, and can remove other’s problems as well.

When their home and lives are threatened, four teens in Canada’s foster system set off on a journey that will bond them as family forever.

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